The new type of a depression

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The new type of a depressionScientists sound alarm: more and more the people who are spending much time in social networks, suffer from the lowered self-image and a depression. Last year the American Academy of Pediatrics published research about influence on mentality of excessive communication in social networks in which the name "Facebook-depression" was appropriated to a new disease.

This year sociologists from University of a valley of Utah continued to study this problem. They called the research so: «They live more happily and better, than I: influence of Facebook on perception of another’s lives». Scientific work is based on poll of 425 students of college which interrogated as often they use Facebook, what is the time carry out to social networks and what emotions thus test.

Experiment proved: active users of social networks often consider that others have happier and interesting life, than at them because of what are inclined to a depression. And on the contrary: rare guests of Facebook communicate «in live» more and feel happier.

The statistics on teenage fans of social networks is even less consolatory: they for 60 % for a thicket have four or more sexual partners; for 62 % for a thicket tried to smoke; for 79 % – to take alcohol; for 84 % – tried drugs; for 94 % – participated in fight.

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