Why the breast hurts?

Why the breast hurts?A breast pain can be connected with a hormonal imbalance, infections, new growths (good-quality and malignant), with a way of life (absence of sexual contacts, smoking, stresses, improper feeding), with traumas and a menstrual cycle. Sometimes the feeling of discomfort is connected with existence of some diseases. So, we will find out, why the breast hurts?

Mastopatiya. Diffuznoye or central change of a fabric of the mammary glands, being characterized emergence in them (more often in verkhnenaruzhny department) formations of various size and density, to the touch fine-grained or in the form of separate knots, quite often painful. This good-quality education is observed at 60 % of women of genital age. Development of a mastopatiya is connected with change of level of hormones of an estrogen and a progesterone.

Mastitis. Inflammation of a mammary gland. At women, mainly pervorodyashchy, it is observed in feeding of the child, however can develop and before childbirth, and also regardless of pregnancy and childbirth. Rather seldom meets at girls, sometimes even at men. The main reasons for development of an illness it is stagnation of milk, a bad oporozhneniye of gland when feeding and arising thereof nipple cracks. Through such wounds under skin microbes (стафилококки, streptococci and some other) get. They get on lymphatic ways and dairy courses into gland, causing an inflammation. Microbes "come" from a mouth of the child, through the polluted linen, at non-compliance with hygienic rules of care of a breast in pregnancy and feeding. The most frequent reason of emergence of cracks of nipples – the wrong applying of the child to a breast.

Fatty necrosis of a mammary gland (stearin plaques, a necrosis of a fatty fabric) are ochagovy omertveniye of a fatty fabric owing to a trauma on a certain site. The illness belongs to good-quality changes of a mammary gland. As a result of damage of small vessels the site of a fatty fabric can lose blood supply therefore there is a necrosis. As an injuring factor insignificant blows (for example, as an elbow in transport, bruises about jambs of doors), excessive physical exercises, operations, injections can act. The fatty necrosis does not turn into a malignant tumor, however can feign it.

Mastodiniya, mastalgiya, Cooper’s illness. A breast pain, quite often being shown in the form of feeling of discomfort before periods. The presumable reason – the cyclic nagrubaniye of glands caused by venous stagnation and puffiness стромы before periods; at this time the mammary gland increases in volume more than by 15 %. Therapy carry out at the same time with treatment of a premenstrual syndrome. 65-70 % of women faced manifestations of a mastodiniya. The disease for young not born women with unstable nervous system is especially characteristic.

Fibroadenoma. Most often found good-quality tumor of a mammary gland (it is rather, violation of development of its segments, than a true tumor), especially actual at young age. Fibroadenoma consists of a connecting and proliferiruyushchy epitelialny fabric. The development reasons фиброаденомы precisely are not found out. More often фиброаденома comes to light as an individual tumor, cases multiple fibroadeny which can be localized at the same time in both mammary glands however are frequent.

Vnutriprotokovye of papilloma. Papillyarnye epitelialny выросты, expanding in expanded spaces of channels of mammary glands. It is one of the most frequent reasons of vydeleniye of nipples. Arise plentiful spontaneous serous allocation more often, is more rare – krovyanisty. Multiple papillomas regard as a precancer. However in itself is a good-quality disease. Vyrosta have diameter from several millimeters to several centimeters. As the reason of emergence of vnutriprotokovy papillomas today consider a hormonal imbalance.

Oleogranulema – the inflammatory tumor arising after operations in reply to a foreign matter (synthetic threads, silicone, etc.). Originally oleogranulemy called inflammatory changes in a man’s penis after vaseline introduction in it (which it was quite often used for the purpose of increase in a penis though result and did not give earlier). Oleogranulema of a mammary gland meets after operations (a sectoral resection, organosokhranyayushchy operations, mastectomies) as a result of reaction of fabrics to a sutural material more often.

Cancer of a mammary gland. The most unpleasant reason of pain in a breast – a malignant tumor of a ferruterous fabric of a mammary gland. In the world it is the most frequent form of a cancer among the women, meeting frequency from 1:13 to 1:9 women at the age from 13 till 90 years. In the world more than 1 million cases of a cancer of a mammary gland annually is registered. In St. Petersburg, for example, in 2003 about 1900 people fell ill. As a whole, for the last 25 years incidence in the Leningrad region increased for 200 %, and in St. Petersburg approximately for 150 %. However along with growth of incidence the tendency to relative decrease in mortality thanks to more effective treatment is noted also.

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