Whether there is an advantage of beer?

Whether there is an advantage of beer?Beer – the third drink on popularity in the world (after water and tea) and the most popular among alcoholic production. The history of its production totals not one eyelids, but over time the quantity of let-out grades everything increases, and their quality steadily falls. It is the immutable law of an industrial turn. Besides, in many countries everything rises a problem of beer alcoholism more sharply. In spite of the fact that this disease is not brought in MKB-10, experts are firmly sure of existence of this diagnosis. And the risk of development of alcoholic dependence at consumers of beer is much higher, than at fans of wine or hard alcoholic beverages. Thus, about harm of beer наслышаны many, not without reason the chief health officer of the Russian Federation Gennady Onishchenko told once:« Not AIDS and not tuberculosis will ruin Russia, and beer alcoholism among young generation». We suggest to try to find a honey spoon in a flank of tar and to talk about, whether is though any advantage of beer or it is exclusively harmful to an organism.

Scientists from university of a name of Valladolid being in Spain, carried out a number of experiments with beer during which it became clear that its dark grades it is more useful light. As experts speak, they can help to restore the due maintenance of ions of iron in an organism. The integral process of a filtration which passes light beer, deprives of it vysheoznachenny useful properties.

Medical workers from Holland also became interested in a question of utility of foamy drink and established that moderate its use is capable to prevent Alzheimer’s disease development. Scientists put forward the assumption that this property is caused by ability of some components of beer to dilute blood and to lower level of harmful cholesterol, favorably influencing nervous system and a brain.

The Swedish physicians with support of Association of neurologists of England showed: at those who drinks in day of 1-2 glasses of beer for 20-25 % below risk of development of an ischemic stroke, than at absolute nondrinkers and fans of strong alcohol. Drink supports the due content in blood of good cholesterol (липопротеидов high density) which high concentration reduces risk of emergence of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) was engaged in studying of advantage of beer only indirectly. According to its data, in those countries, where the consumption level of beer is low (Sweden, France, the USA), suffers alcoholism, impotence, a hypertension, cirrhosis and diseases of ZhKT much more people, than in regions with higher consumption level of foamy drink (Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland). Certainly, it is necessary to treat these results with a known share of criticality as additional factors which also can influence a state of health of citizens in this case are not considered.

It is considered that in a number of light grades of beer, especially light ale, contains a lot of silicon which interferes with exhaustion of bone weight that reduces danger of fractures of bones. It is known also that at beer lower caloric content (42 kcal/100g), than at Coca-Cola (62 kcal/100g), apple juice and fruit drinks in which sugar is added, without speaking about milk. For this reason consumption of beer is based on quite large number of specific diets. Besides, beer possesses diuretichesky action, that is brakes in tubules of kidneys a reabsorbtsiya of water and salts, increasing their removal with urine and increasing speed of its education. At the expense of it the content of liquid in fabrics and serous cavities decreases. Meanwhile, the maintenance of a phytoestrogen in drink, contrary to a popular belief, is low.

So, as we found out, a certain advantage for an organism can be "got" even from a beer glass. By the way, about volumes: promote strengthening of health only small doses of alcoholic drink can. Experts recommend to drink no more than a pint a day (that is about a half of liter). Otherwise, about any (even minimum) advantage of speech will not go.

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