Whether there can be I a father?

Whether there can be I a father?No, in this article it will be a question not of where it is possible to hand over the test for DNA for paternity definition – in each case it will be always prompted by the lawyer. And here to all potential future fathers who want to participate together with darling in pregnancy planning «on a science», but do not know that for this purpose it is necessary to make, this article very much even is useful.

With what to begin?

If within two years you is regular (not more rare than 2 times a week!) have sex with the constant partner, and desired pregnancy at it does not come, first of all it is necessary to be surveyed to you, instead of the partner: according to the statistics data of, in 45 % of cases responsible for infertility is the man. And with the most authentic way it to confirm (or, fortunately, to disprove) delivery by the man спермограммы is. Spermogramma is a research эякулята for an assessment of oplodotovoryayushchy ability of man’s sperm.

The norm of indicators спермограммы according to WHO looks so:

  • Volume – more than 2 ml;
  • Consistence – viscous;
  • Razzhizheniye through 10-30 mines;
  • Viscosity to 2 cm;
  • Color – white-grayish;
  • Smell – specific;
  • рН 7,2-8,0;
  • Turbidity – muddy;
  • Slime – is absent;
  • Quantity of spermatozoa in 1 ml – 20 million – 200 million;
  • Total of spermatozoa in эякуляте – more than 40 million;
  • Quantity of aktivnopodvizhny spermatozoa – more than 25 %;
  • Total quantity aktivnopodvizhny and inactive – more than 50 %;
  • Motionless spermatozoa – less than 50 %;
  • Absence of agglutination and aggregation;
  • Quantity of leukocytes to 1 million;
  • Normal spermatozoa – more than 50 %;
  • Spermatozoa with normal morphology of a head – more than 30 %;
  • Cages сперматогенеза – 2-4.

How to be prepared to спермограмме

Let’s begin with that appoint спермограмму the doctor-androlog or the urologist in policlinic, the center of planning of a family or the private medical center can. The man should be prepared for this delicate analysis (sperm for it receive by masturbation) previously:

  • 3-4 days to refrain from sex (and from masturbation)
  • not to take alcohol
  • not is fat, sharp and salty
  • to refrain from bath or sauna visit

Pay attention: for achievement of the most exact result in certain cases it is necessary to repeat this procedure 2-3 times with an interval in some days.

Additional analyses

So, спермограмма it is handed over and by its results it is clear that you can become a father. To stop on it it is not necessary – there is a number of obligatory additional analyses which it is necessary for future father to hand over along with future mother.

1. The analysis on a blood type and a Rhesus factor – for an exception of incompatibility of spouses on a blood type or a Rhesus factor (if the woman has a Rhesus factor positive to define it at the husband not obligatory since the conflict is impossible)

2. Clinical analysis of blood

3. Biochemical analysis of blood

4. The blood analysis on sugar

5. General analysis of urine.

6. PTsR on the latent infections – first of all, on STD (an infection, sexually transmitted). It is necessary even in case the man consists many years in intimate relations only with one partner as many of STD can proceed a long time bezsimptomno.

7. The analysis on antibodies to TORCH-complex infections (in transfer with Latin it is deciphered so:

T – токсоплазмоз

About – other infections


With – a tsitomegalovirusny infection

H-herpes). Feature of these infections consists that, being rather harmless for adults, and even for children, they become especially dangerous to pregnant women.

8. The analysis on antibodies to «children’s infections» – chicken pox, measles, "mumps" (if antibodies to these infections at the man it will not be revealed, it is necessary to make preventive inoculations).

9. Consultation of the doctor geneticist (it is obligatory in those cases, if: the age of the man of 40 years also is more senior; in his family there is a patient to whom it is diagnosed a hereditary disease; the man is married to the distant relative – the three times removed niece, etc.)

Pay attention: in two months prior to conception the man should refuse addictions (if those are available), to reduce physical activities, to exclude stresses, to eat properly and spend on drink a course of polyvitamins and microcells (in particular – folic acid).

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