When drugs become dangerous

When drugs become dangerousThe first clinical pharmacologist of Russia academician Boris Evgenyevich Votchal spoke: «At a bed of the patient it is necessary to think not that else it is possible to appoint, and about without what it is possible to manage». Well and to us to remember it, buying in a drugstore the next drugs …

Contra-indications are not present?

Often, having bought in a drugstore this or that medicine, we read in the summary such lines: «Contra-indications are not present. Collateral actions are not revealed». But whether it is necessary to it to rejoice?.

Any medicine is potentially dangerous to the person. Great ancient doctor Paracelsus warned that «any medicine is the benefit and there is a poison – everything depends on a dose». The modern medicine proved that else a lot of things depends on collateral properties, contra-indications and interaction of drugs with each other and with food.

It is conventional that one of the most important problems of medicine of the XXI century is the polipragmaziya (simultaneous appointment to the patient, quite often unjustified, some and more medicinal substances). The human body is arranged in such a manner that aspires to get rid as soon as possible of any alien substance which has got to it, including from drugs. For this purpose in a liver there is the whole set of enzymes. With their help of medicine collapse to products which are already easily deduced from an organism. If some cure at the same time gets to a liver at once, there is a certain similarity of "sequence": enzyme "chooses", what from drugs most of all to it "on teeth». Therefore one medicine are late in an organism more long, and others leave it quicker. From it medical action of medicines can either amplify, or to become weaker. And if two preparations antagonists get to an organism (i.e. vzaimounichtozhayushchy each other), at all it is not necessary to wait for medical effect, and the money paid for these drugs – is thrown out on a wind.

Almost all modern medicines including on sale without recipes, have contra-indications and restrictions in application which are connected with other diseases, a diet, professional activity and so on. When medicine is appointed by your attending physician, that, knowing your patient’s records, it considers all these factors. Unfortunately, often people, in a pursuit of the drugs advertized on TV, aspire to overcome illness manifestation (the pain, the increased temperature etc.), instead of its reason. Consequences of such self-treatment» can be very sad. To accept any medicines it is necessary strictly by rules and the summary which was applied to them, or according to the instruction of the doctor who has appointed this preparation. There are universal rules on drug intake:

1) different preparations should be accepted separately with an interval of 15-20 minutes

2) if doctors of different specialties (for example, the therapist and the endocrinologist) wrote out to you each recipe, tell to them about it and tell, what preparations you still accept in addition

3) it is necessary to wash down tabletirovanny medicines with a half of a glass of still water of room temperature.

Remember that:

  • it is impossible to wash down aspirin with orange juice (only simple water, and it it is better – milk) and as it irritates a mucous membrane of a stomach, and to accept it it is necessary after food to avoid, risk of emergence of gastritis, stomach ulcer etc.
  • juice of grapefruit does not recommend to wash down anything, especially – warm preparations (verapamil, nifedipine), overdose differently is possible;
  • it is impossible to combine with alcohol hypnotic drugs and tranquilizers (нитразепам, a diazepam, etc.);
  • it is inexpedient to take any medicine at the same time with the preparations enveloping mucous stomach (альмагель, фосфалюгель, simple kissel) if in this respect there are no other instructions in the summary
  • antibiotics it is impossible to wash down coffee, pepsi and Coca-Cola (together they provoke nervous excitement and irritate a stomach).
  • (doxycycline, биомицин, etc.) it is impossible to accept antibiotics of a tetratsiklinovy row at the same time with dairy products (the ions of calcium containing in milk, form with them almost insoluble connections and sharply reduce activity of an antibiotic)
  • oral contraceptives cannot be combined with препаратми, containing caffeine (as they reduce ability of an organism to caffeine splitting, it can cause a hyperactivity and sleeplessness).
  • fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, F, K should be accepted after food (the food rich with animal and vegetative fats, accelerate their absorption).

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