We congratulate winners of competition of crossword puzzles No. 7!

We congratulate winners of competition of crossword puzzles No. 7!Dear friends!

Today we bring the next results of competition «The cleverest!»

Here answers to a crossword puzzle No. 7:

On a diagonal:

1-2. It can fill in the person during shame, and there can be in an arsenal of the artist (paint)

2-3. A sort of long-term herbs of family Astrovye who is often used in homeopathy (arnica)

3-4. A special room for parking, maintenance and repair of aircraft (hangar)

4-5. In them sell wall-paper (roll)

5-6. A word designating "North" in a number of the European languages (north)

6-7. A heavy, dense woolen fabric of a difficult interlacing from a yarn of hardware spinning (thick woolen cloth).

1-8. External part roofs (roof)

8-3. Grain from not shattered grains at which processing only the top cover – лузга (yadritsa) acts in film.

3-9. Area of distribution of any species (area)

9-5. Curly lock hair (ringlet)

5-10. In V. Dahl’s dictionary this word designates «a condition of full content, delight, on all sensual requirements» (luxury)

10-7. Out-of-date name of the Black (арап)


  1. Irreplaceable stock of the skater and figure skater (skates)
  2. The colloquial name of the candies made of treacle, sugar, the creamy or vegetable oil, the condensed milk and other way cookings (toffee)
  3. Musical instrument (accordion)
  4. «The shameless impudence and suddenness of action» if to trust V. Dahl’s dictionary, often taking place and today (impudence)

Keyword: VEIL

We thank all active visitors of a site, with enthusiasm solved our crossword puzzle. And here names of three lucky which the first guessed a keyword: Starosta, Veronichka78, alinka.

We congratulate! You became owners of gift certificates for 500 rubles from boutique "L’etual" or "Yves Rocher" (at your choice). Check the personal messages on our site: instructions, when and where you can take away prize honest earned by the mind are already sent you!

And we invite all erudites to guess a new crossword puzzle.
We wish good luck!

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