How to cure cold

How to cure coldOn the average, for a year of people about three times manage to catch a cold. Symptoms which thus arise, are known for everything and to everyone: nose zalozhennost, sneezing and sore throat, general malaise, fatigue and cough. On our site you will find a maximum of information on how to cure cold.

Sore throat – the widespread satellite of catarrhal diseases. In order that the feeling of discomfort did not spoil to you "holiday", follow several recommendations:

  • Refusal of smoking and alcohol intake
  • Rinsing by broths of medicinal herbs, for example, sage or camomile. 1 tablespoon of a flower of a camomile fill in with two glasses of hot water. Boil 10-15 minutes on a water bath, cool. Carry out rinsings often and regularly.
  • Throat rinsing by solution фурациллина.
  • Removal of loading from vocal chords: not to shout, speak silently or in a whisper.
  • To keep a throat in the warm, to postpone walks, especially if behind a window winter.
  • Salt solution: a tablespoon on one glass of warm water. To stir and rinse a throat some minutes. To repeat procedure several times, with an interval in half an hour.
  • To apply the preparations containing iodine, it is not recommended, as they can cause local burns and strengthen inflammatory process.
  • Not to forget about sosatelny tablets and aerosols for a throat irrigation. Sugar candies are best of all for sucking slowly and to keep under language, to reduce irritation of a stomach, and aerosols to apply only if the illness already cleared up – at early stages sprays only irritate mucous walls of a throat and cause a superfluous inflammation.

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Cough – one more frequent symptom of cold. Let’s remind that simply cough divide into two groups: productive (with a phlegm) and unproductive (dry). The main treatment is directed on transferring "useless" cough to "useful" (damp). However, actually, cough versions much more. If to try, it is possible to learn to classify it. For fight against annoying manifestation of cold you should arm with otkharkivayushchy means. These preparations are presented in three categories: Mukolitichesky, stimulating an otkharkivaniye and combined. Each group possesses the pluses and minuses. One more quite good means in disposal of cough – a portable nebulayzer. It is the inhaler of new generation using midget disperse dispersion of medicinal substance which through a mask or a respiratory tube moves to the patient.

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The person who wants to cure effectively cold, should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Not to abuse antibiotics
  2. Carefully to treat paracetamol
  3. Immunostimulating preparation to select strictly individually
  4. Antiviral preparations to accept only on doctor’s orders

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Sometimes to cope with symptoms of cold it is necessary in the shortest terms. Quickly – not always means qualitatively, but there are situations when emergency measures are required. Some drunk-off cups of any febrifugal or sparkling aspirin which usually the first appear in tenacious hands of the patient is rather attempt to muffle symptoms, rather than than successful therapy. After such «the massed attack» your condition, probably, slightly will improve (more precisely, will seem that so occurred), but (cough, cold) it is impossible to get rid of long-term manifestations of a disease in such a way. Actually to refuse smoking at least per day much more effectively, after all and without that it is difficult to organism to fight against viruses, and the tobacco smoke aggravates a situation. It is possible to drink a cup of hot tea with имбирём and honey (a quarter of a glass of the cleared and polished ginger to fill in with honey and to weld, and in a cup of tea to add a half of a teaspoon of the prepared mix). It is useful to drink also tea with raspberry or lime color. It is important to rinse regularly a throat (look above).

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Fans of traditional medicine we urge not to forget that the five of the most effective at cold and flu of plants looks so:

  1. Ekhinatsey
  2. Elder black
  3. Ginger
  4. Andrografis panicled
  5. Poskonnik pronzennolistny

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