Whom will sexless children grow?

Whom will sexless children grow?The concept "gender and neutral" children was included into the use quite recently. Few years ago nobody could present itself(himself) families in which 5 – the 6-year-old kid would not know, what it a floor. Today this phenomenon became reality. Moreover, every year at new trend is more and more the followers, wishing to bring up children «free from stereotypes». In their houses of the boy plaits let grow and dress up in pink dresses from a full consent of mothers and fathers as simply do not know that in the future become men.

38-year-old Katie Vitterik and her spouse 39-year-old David Stoker living in Canada, in 2011 shocked public with the decision to hide from the world a sex of the four-months child on именти the Storm Vitterik. And it still half-troubles as from the Storm parents also decided to keep its sex a secret before achievement by the kid of 18-year age.« Stereotypes govern the world, and we want to change it, having given the chance to the kid most to make a choice», – declared to Katie and David. It dread to think, what will be reaction grown up "it" when to it suddenly will tell that any it not "it", and quite to itself "it" or "it". It would be possible to hope that the situation will be corrected by brothers and sisters of the Storm, after all Whom will sexless children grow?in a family of Canadians there are two more children. However to understand the one who from them the girl and who – the boy is even more difficult, than to define a sex of the newborn baby. The five years’ brother of the Storm, the Jazz, began to let grow not so long ago a plait. Considering that the favourite clothes of the little boy are a pink dress («It beautiful and pleasant to the touch», – the child explains the choice), become absolutely no wonder that on the street it take for the girl more often. Today the Jazz can already go to school, but instead gets house education which is not based on any system, except own curiosity of the child. The excentric pair has also two-year kid Kyo in which sex representatives of mass media finally got confused. It is considered that – the boy, but authentically to confirm Kyo of it undertakes nobody. Meanwhile, the father of family, David Stoker, works as the school teacher and is absolutely sure: «If you really want to recognize the person, you should not worry that at it between feet».

Whom will sexless children grow?46-year-old Bek Lakston and her husband, 44-year-old Kieran Cooper, even before appearance of the child on light made the decision to bring up its "gender and neutral" to avoid imposing to the kid of sexual stereotypes of behavior. In January, 2012 it became known that the British pair fully managed to realize the plans. To Sascha Lakston, the child of progressive parents, came to begin time school training, but it extremely discouraged institution administration by that could not call the floor. Scandal burst, and about «social experiments» Bek and Kieran the general public learned. Late it became known that Sascha nevertheless in a course that it is a boy, but was brought up freely, without restrictions and a ban: when wanted – dressed dresses when wanted – trousers. In the childhood it called simply "child", without the indication of a floor. Experts still argue concerning this case. One psychologists argue that early development of the child passes under the badge of search of identity and the knowledge of the sex is necessary for self-identification formation, others do not see special harm in permissiveness, considering that the habitual abundance of pink toys in a maiden room promotes syndrome development «the passive princess». The only thing about what do not know neither the first, nor the second is how unusual education will affect Sascha’s further development and his relationship with other children.

Whom will sexless children grow?The similar example is submitted by stars of world size – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. At pair huge number of children, and reception, but native obviously differ from the others. At least, the gender identity. The oldest daughter of actors – Shaylo Nuvel – one and a half years ago (4 years are elderly) openly declared to parents that wants to be the boy. She asked to cut shortly to it hair and to buy boyish clothes. Requirements of the child were executed. Since then the baby constantly goes in trouser suits and overalls, and Jolie and Pitt confirm:« We allow Shaylo to be oneself and express ourselves how it would like». Younger children of pair – Knox and Vivien – are indistinguishable from each other not only because twins but also because Knox, unlike elder sister, desired to be the girl. Respectively, it went on an opposite way – grew hair (as far as this expression is applicable to the 3-year-old kid) and began to walk up and down in maiden dresses. Paparazzi did more than once pictures on which both twins sport in skirts then the next rough discussion by all means began. (on a photo – Shaylo Nuvel)

The question of how similar education influences further destiny of "gender and neutral" children still remains open.

Photo http://www.dailymail.co.uk; http://socvirus.com.ua

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