Top Ufaleys holding a meeting doctors continue to live in misery after departure of the commission

Top Ufaleys holding a meeting doctors continue to live in misery after departure of the commissionVerkhneufaleysky doctors still suffer from consequences of the January meeting. The commission which pro-inspecting a condition of hospital and has offered some measures for an exit from the created difficult situation, left, and the situation did not change. As writes «The new region», the provision on revision of conditions of charge of salaries was not signed, the collective agreement was not also concluded, and the medical staff still receives real kopeks.

The salary of staff of hospital was lowered after their performance on meeting. Physicians were going to protest the second time, but arrival of the regional commission inspired hope of favorable motions. After departure of the working group there came calm. The staff of hospital says that any changes after all occur, but they do not concern physicians, and in particular – their salary.

Receiving less money, employees start to leave. Earlier the hospital lacked narrow experts, now in staff does not suffice both younger, and average medical staff.

Top Ufaley Pavel Kazakov’s head of administration continues to ignore living in misery physicians. On provided to it participants of meeting it was not responsible for the resolution 30 days – the term which has been taken away on consideration by the authorities of addresses of citizens. The chief physician of hospital also does not leave on direct contact to employees.

Meanwhile, as writes Medportal, the local plant "Uralelement" being the unique domestic producer lithium – ion batteries is ready to help Verkhneufaleysky hospital. In the appeal to Ministry of Health of Chelyabinsk region the management of JSC Energopromresurs being the official representative of plant, declared that their employees are treated in Top Ufaley’s hospital and consequently would like to help whenever possible with its equipment. The enterprise gives to medical institution units of an uninterrupted food which, according to Ministry of Health, really are required to hospital.

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