To be the chief – a stress in 2 times bigger, than to be the chief

To be the chief – a stress in 2 times bigger, than to be the chiefThe Swedish organization "Previa" prosecuting subjects of health care on workplaces, notes a big difference in level of the stress tested by the female heads and the male heads. At the first it appeared much higher.

By data to "Previa" received on the basis of poll of 2,1 thousand managers, level of a stress of 17 % of chiefs bears in itself threat to their health. Among men the similar is marked out only at 8 %. «That circumstance can serve one of the reasons that women are more scrupulous both in personal, and in professional life», – the expert of "Previa" Per Larsson considers.

«The research which has been carried out five years ago by specialists of Carolinian institute among young workers, shows that the number of bulletins sharply increased in their environment. Then it was noted that the main loading on housekeeping still is the share of women», – the expert notes. In his opinion, for decrease in level of a stress it is necessary to find out, first of all, its reasons and to give itself time for restoration. Otherwise, on its expression, «it is possible to assimilate to the motor working at excessively high turns, and to run into a wall».

Taking into account the received results experts from "Previa" came to a conclusion that the help of the management is necessary for all managers at definition of priorities. All of them also should work over creation of the favorable environment at workplaces.

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