This year medical institutions of the capital the state and medicine


This year medical institutions of the capital the state and medicineIn the current year in medical institutions of Moscow will replace all out-of-date equipment. The head of department of health care of the city Leonid Pechatnikov reported about it at meeting of the capital government.

«Never for all history the domestic and Moscow health care had no such equipment. We hope that in 2012 we will manage to replace completely all out-of-date medical equipment, – he told. – And Moscow will surpass by the hi-tech equipment some leading European capitals in a saturation».

According to the head of department, in 2011 authorities of the capital managed to reduce sharply the prices for bought medical equipment. In particular, on tomographs of the price were lowered at 3-10 time.

«Following the results of 2011 at us the economy of the budget made nearly 4 billion rubles. On the last auction which we carried out at the beginning of this year at starting cost of a prize 1,5 billion rubles, and this lowest offer from the supplier, as a result we bought for 0,5 billion rubles», – reported Printers. He emphasized that «it means that traditionally the prices for the medical equipment at least are three times inflated».

The head of department added that «at the expense of those volumes which we buy, we managed to reach indicators at which purchase occurs approximately for 15 % below, than in Europe».

«Said on the contrary earlier that in Europe is cheaper, because they have any special conditions contractual, and in Russia is twice more expensive, because it objectively because it it is far, and unclear to whom the equipment, financial risks and so on is delivered. Now it turned out on the contrary», – the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin noticed on it.

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