They died of AIDS

They died of AIDSEvery day about 5 000 people die of AIDS. By calculations for 2011, the progressing tendency of infection of HIV is observed – approximately each 6 seconds there is an infection of one healthy person, that is about 7 400 people per day from which 1000 are children. Thus only a half of victims addresses for the help as not everyone learns about a problem at once. Before emergence of the first symptoms of a disease passes some months, and even years and the majority of HIV – infected live below the poverty line, in the underdeveloped and not equipped regions. These factors in a complex just also lead to so terrifying statistics. Meanwhile, in our country the awareness of citizens on AIDS also is very low, here still every fifth (20 %) is allowed by possibility of infection of HIV from a komariny sting.

Today we want to discuss the known people who have become victims of an incurable illness.

Freddie Mercury (1946-1991), singer. In April, 1970 together with guitarist Brian Meyem and drummer Roger Taylor based Queen group. For Freddi Merkuri’s career gave more than 700 concerts. More than 300 million musical plates of "Queen" are sold out. Merkyyuri (in a translation from English – "live as mercury") – the Farrokh Bulsara’s who was born in Zanzibar scenic pseudonym. On the natural bents it was bisexual, that is could have intimate relations both with women, and with men. The shadow when his manager established fell to Freddie’s life that two former lovers of a star died of AIDS. In 1986 hearings that the singer too is sick started to appear, information filtered into the press that it handed over the test for HIV. Since 1989 serious changes in Merkyyuri’s appearance began to be shown, he strongly grew thin. However up to the last days lives the musician denied all hearings concerning the health. The unique loyal friend of the singer and his ex-girlfriend, Mary Ostin, remembered: «When he learned that is infected with AIDS, shaken. But of anything did not repent … He understood that the end is close, but looked unimaginably brave. It worked as afflicted. Even when he very much suffered from pains, continued to write down a latest album. He tested awful tortures, not only physical, but also intellectual, emotional. The last two days he could not even speak, practically lost sight. It was very much thin and not could eat. We waited for the end. But it came so suddenly». On November 23, 1991 Freddie at last made the official statement for the press that is sick with AIDS, and on November 24 died in the house in London from the bronchial pneumonia which has developed against an artful illness.

Rudolf Nureyev (1938-1993), dancer. Was born in 1938 in Irkutsk. It became known in 1950, acting in the ballet of Kirov. Constantly was under rigid control of KGB as quite often participated in tours outside of the USSR and it was known for suspicious contacts to foreigners. By the time of HIV infection detection doctors found out that Nureyev carried in itself a deadly virus 4 years. Despite intensive treatment by a new experimental preparation – azidotimidiny which needed to be entered daily intravenously, the illness continued to progress. In November, 1989 the first took place and the last after emigration Rudolf Nureev’s performances at the Maryinsky Theater of the opera and the ballet. It was "Sylph". The soloist of theater Jeanne Ayupova who then was Nureyev’s partner on a scene, remembers:« We saw that it is seriously sick. It had a high temperature, it is frequent, probably, from pain, caught at knees. But about AIDS we did not know … I was fascinated of Rudolf possessed very thin sense of humour. On rehearsals it constantly joked. But Nureev’s transformation on a scene simply threw me in a shock. His eyes shone, I could not believe that it is the same person. It possessed great gift of transformation». On January 6, 1993 at the age of 54 years Rudolf Nureyev died. The dancer on Sent-Genevieve-de-Bua Russian cemetery near Paris is buried.

Isaac Asimov (1920-1992), science fiction writer. In 1983 when about AIDS was a little that is known, to Azimov did heart operation, and it was infected with HIV through donor blood (it at that time did not check). After operation Isaac Asimov got rid of stenocardia and felt considerable simplification, however in five years the state of his health again considerably worsened, and there was a question of new operation. Inspection before it in 1989 also revealed AIDS. After long reflections the writer made the decision not to report about the illness and not to cause a panic among admirers. The writer died on April 6, 1992 of warm and nephritic insufficiency against infection HIV.

Other celebrated personalities which have died from AIDS:

  • Rock Hudson, the actor (was the homosexual and, most likely, caught from one of partners)
  • Arthur Ash (Аш), the tennis player, the first Afro-American who has won the championship of the USA (the owner of three «Big helmets», the winner of tournament Australia Oupen in 1975, and also Wimbledon in 1975. It is infected during blood transfusion at the moment of heart the next operation)
  • That Fogerti, rhythm guitarist of "Creedence Clearwater Revival"
  • Anthony Perkins, the actor (in 1957 got the premium "Oscar" for a role in the film «Friendly belief»)
  • Esteban de Jesus, the boxer (finished career with 57 official victories from which 32 – a knockout, and 5 defeats. In 1981 was приговорён to a life imprisonment for murder of the 17-year-old young man. HIV caught during term serving, having started to take heroin)
  • Howard Ashman, poet-pesennik, playwright (winner of two nominations of the Grammy, two awards «Gold globe», and also two awards "Oscar". Second "Oscar" to Howard awarded posthumously for the song to the fairy tale «The beauty and a monster»)

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