The relation of the person to the financial risks is defined by noradrenaline

The relation of the person to the financial risks is defined by noradrenalineResearch of a brain of the person allowed to explain, why one financiers and fans of gamblings are pursued by bitterness from financial losses, and others cope with a similar situation much easier. According to the data published in the last issue of the British scientific magazine «Molecular psychiatry» (Molecular Psychiatry), this property of mentality is caused by action of a hormone of noradrenaline.

«Pathological tendency to game on money which meets in usual casinos, – a problem. But, in my opinion, now there is a lot of it and in the Casino Uoll-Strita and the Casino of the London City, – the editor-in-chief of the magazine Giulio Lisinio noted. – We like to consider that our will is free, and we make those decisions which we want. However it / research / shows that everything is not so simple. Many have a predisposition to a certain sort to decisions».

Research team under the direction of Hidekhiko Takakhasi from Kyoto University carried out brain scanning at 19 healthy men a method of a positron and issue tomography. The task where from them it was required to stake previously was offered to all volunteers. As it is noted, experiment showed that the important role in how the person reacts to loss of money, is played by a hormone neuromediator being the chemical transmitter of impulses between nervous cages.

Those participants of experience at whom concentration норэпинефрина in a brain were high, were less subject to painful experiences from loss of money. On the contrary, at the reduced presence of a hormone at a certain part of a brain people faced «fear of losses» which caused in them more expressed emotional reaction in case of loss. Thus researchers defined communication between work in a brain of a hormone neuromediator and desire to risk.

To traders of the financial market and inveterate fans of gamblings the British commentators recommended to pay the closest attention to this opening. After all, as scientists consider, it not only throws light on that is created in minds, but also opens a way to development of possible "drugs" for assistance to that who deals with risky rates and strongly worries in case of losses.

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