The rejected man – the potential alcoholic?

The rejected man – the potential alcoholic?Scientists from University of California made unusual experiment on fruit front sights. They placed man’s individuals of front sights in the closed space where there were the females ready to pairing, and indifferent to it. As a result: the rejected males consumed more solution from 15 % alcohol, than their happy rivals.

Scientists are convinced that alcohol stimulates a brain also as well as sex, giving feeling of compensation. To all fault F neuropeptid – the chemical compound which is responsible for feeling of compensation, playing important role in a food and pairing which is present and at a human body.

Experiment showed that alcoholic flies had a lowered level of a neuropeptid of F. This connection was the peculiar molecular marker connected with real experience (in particular, pairings). Experts believe that the analogy and to human behavior in a similar situation is pertinent.

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