The pacemaker was implanted to just been born girl

The pacemaker was implanted to just been born girlBrigade of surgeons from California established a pacemaker to just been born child, reports USA Today. At present the girl is the most young person with the implanted artificial driver of a rhythm.

Surveying pregnant woman Lienn Makharadzh (Leanne Maharaj) of 26 years, doctors of clinic of Stanford University found out that frequency of palpitation of not given birth girl is very low. The immune conflict between mother and the child was recognized as the reason of it. Heart blockade was diagnosed for a fruit.

In order to avoid development of cardiovascular insufficiency of the child, childbirth was caused artificially on 31й to week of pregnancy. For procedure of obstetric aid the brigade from 20 physicians was collected. The girl, it is powerful slightly more than one and a half kgs, was born safely, however its frequency of warm reductions made only 45 blows in a minute that in 3-4 times below a usual indicator for newborns.

Head of a surgical brigade Katsukhide Maeda (Katsuhide Maeda) decided to deliver to the child a pacemaker right there. Earlier similar operations too were carried out, but usually for such small children all procedure was limited to leading of electrodes to heart, and the device was implanted in weeks and months. In this case the unprecedented decision to establish the device was made at once subsequently not to carry out additional operations.

Surgical intervention on heart of the girl of fifteen minutes from a sort, took about an hour and passed successfully.

Mother of the girl and her father Kamnil Makharadzh (Kamneel Maharaj), the IT manager in the Silicon Valley, named newborn Dzhaya (Jaya Maharaj) that from Hindi is translated as "victory".

Now to the child there are 3 months, its development occurs according to age norms.

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