The orthodox church protects life till the birth, calling an embryo the person

The orthodox church protects life till the birth, calling an embryo the personThe Russian Orthodox Church made the offer to equate an embryo to the person, the press service of Synod department of church charity and social service writes. Thus the Russian Orthodox Church plans to put a veto for receiving and use of germinal fabrics in medical development.

The amendments, which Russian Orthodox Church suggests to bring in the law "About biomedical cellular technologies", in the form of the letter were sent personally to Minister of Health Tatyana Golikova.

The chairman of Synod department bishop Panteleimon declared that the purpose of an initiative of Russian Orthodox Church is «protection of human life both to, and after the birth».

The orthodox church suggested to introduce new definition of concept an embryo – «the person which organism is at a development stage from a zygote till 8 weeks». Besides, religious figures would like to forbid cloning of embryos, and also use of fabrics of abortirovanny fruits for transplantation and cages for creation of suspensions. According to representatives of Russian Orthodox Church, cellular therapy already now is probably used in commercial clinics of the country, and the new law does not regulate these «immoral technologies».

The church also insists on introduction of the members in structure of council on biomedical ethics.

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