The Olympic team of England will not shake a hand for medical reasons

The Olympic team of England will not shake a hand for medical reasonsIt is recommended to members of the British Olympic team to abstain from handshakes with the colleagues from other countries and distinguished guests on the London Olympic Games coming by these summer. Fears of physicians of became the basis for this purpose that such greeting traditional for British can lead to any infectious diseases and, respectively, threaten hopes of the United Kingdom of successful performance on future Games. The chief physician of the British Olympic association (BOA) Ian Makkedi reported about it. In his opinion, personal hygiene of athletes can become a determinant in achievement of success on the forthcoming Games and on the contrary, and conditions of the Olympic village, he noted, can be "very dangerous" because of infections.

«I consider that diseases and possible traumas represent the greatest threat for (successful) speech of athletes, – declared to Makkedi. – On Olympic Games or on any other large performance of a consequence of an illness or even an easy indisposition can be considerable. Actually it is a question of minimization of risk of development of diseases and optimization of resilience (organism). It is provided at the expense of minimizing of possibilities of infection and creation of conditions for the best control over a situation. Hygiene of hands is a part of this system».

However, this recommendation causes serious concern in official British representatives, which guess how to combine this council of physicians with elementary standards of politeness. On the Olympic Games in London about 10 thousand athletes and one hundred distinguished guests which, as a rule, do not miss possibility personally are expected to get acquainted with eminent athletes. According to the mentioned recommendation, from them members of the British Olympic team – 550 people – have not the right to submit now anybody a hand. In this case it will be extremely difficult to British athletes to avoid charges of ungraciousness and even roughness.

«This usual English greeting, – declared the British expert on Lise Uayz’s etiquette. – Sadly that people are afraid of handshake because of fear of distribution of diseases. It is not so friendly. Certainly, they (in the BOA) are concerned maintenance of the maximum physical form of athletes, but this recommendation nevertheless is represented to me excessive. If someone gives a hand to you as a friendly greeting, and you will not shake it for hygienic reasons, it will look very roughly».

And nevertheless, as expected, the British athletes on the Olympic Games will follow advice of the physicians.

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