The new substance quickly destroys a tumor on a liver

The new substance quickly destroys a tumor on a liverScientists from University of commonwealth of Virginia (USA) identified new connection which quickly destroys cages of a gepatotsellyulyarny carcinoma (HCC) – more often meeting type of a cancer of a liver and the fifth on prevalence among all onkozabolevaniye. Thus that is important, is not observed any toxicity in relation to healthy fabrics. Connection, a factor of hinolinovy inhibitor 1 (FQI1), blocks онкоген which also was open for the first time at University of commonwealth of Virginia.

Research recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences magazine showed: cages of HCC show that addiction to онкогену» – to a transkriptsionny factor of Late SV40 (LSF) is known as «. The phrase «addiction to онкогену» means that the survival of a cancer cage at any stage of its development appears dependent on work of the unique gene. Using FQI1 connection, scientists did not allow LSF to contact HCC DNA during a transcription which is the first step in a series of the events conducting to cell fission and their duplication. As a result, intervention in work of LSF causes fast death of cages of HCC in laboratory in vitro-experiments and sharp delay of growth of a tumor in mice at total absence of toxicity for healthy cells of a liver.

According to researchers, the key role of LSF concerning a tumor on a liver is shown for the first time about three years ago, and since then scientists tried about 110 thousand various connections in search of what could with this or that efficiency ингибировать functionality of LSF. First FQI1 was identified only as one of a class of effective connections, and nobody expected that it will work so well. Now it is already come true fact.

As overall effectiveness of FQI1 any more does not cause doubts, farmakokinetichesky tests for definition of how the substance behaves in a human body are now carried out. As soon as scientists will find out, how the preparation is absorbed, extends, acquired and deduced, they will start to transfer the practices to doctors for carrying out the first phase of clinical tests on patients with a cancer of a liver.


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