The new molecule of aspirin possesses the expressed antineoplastic activity

The new molecule of aspirin possesses the expressed antineoplastic activityThe new modified molecule of aspirin possesses the expressed antineoplastic activity and theoretical smaller number of undesirable reactions.

Earlier carried out researches showed that daily reception of aspirin reduces risk of emergence a cancer of a thick gut. In group of the patients accepting aspirin colorectal cancer development only at 18 of 427, in comparison with 30 of 434 in group плацебо is noted. However, to pay for this effect it is necessary at the expense of increase in risk of development of erozivny defeat of a gastroenteric path. Constantly subjected to mechanical and chemical influences mucous a thick gut possesses a number of the protective mechanisms one of which is development by cells of oxide of nitrogen (NO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Group of experts under the direction of Khosrow Kashfi) from City college at City university of New York modified a molecule of acetilsalicylic acid, having added to it two groups of atoms. Getting to the digestive highway, aspirin separates from a new molecule. Its two rests, in turn, enter reactions during which there is a formation of oxide of nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide. The report on their work is published in the Medicinal Chemistry Letters magazine.

Researchers studied activity of a new molecule concerning 11 different types of a cancer. For this purpose they took samples of fabrics of malignant tumors of intestines, a lung, and also pancreatic, dairy and predstatelny glands. During experiments on mice reception of standard doses of the modified aspirin within 18 days promoted reduction of the sizes of a tumor of a thick gut for 85 %.

«The new molecule appeared essentially more strongly traditional», the doctor of Kashfi noted. Antineoplastic activity of a new molecule concerning a cancer of intestines in hundred thousand times was higher, than at usual aspirin. Thus a new molecule препятствовует to tumor cell fission also caused their death.

While there is not studied a question concerning the exact mechanism of antineoplastic activity of a new molecule, preliminary results of research testify to use possibility essentially lower doses of the modified molecule.

Carrying out additional researches of safety of a new preparation is also necessary. At the rodents taking medicine, it was not revealed damages of a mucous membrane of a digestive path.

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