The institute of childrens oncology desperately needs the most necessary preparations

The institute of childrens oncology desperately needs the most necessary preparationsThe scientific research institute of children’s oncology and hematology at the Russian oncological scientific center of a name of Blochin tests an acute shortage in the most essential preparations, the deputy head on scientific and medical work, the chief of department of chemotherapy and marrow transplantation George Mentkevich reported RIA Novosti news agency.

As Mentkevich told, children can receive free treatment in scientific research institute or according to the program of obligatory medical insurance, or on a quota of the hi-tech help. However, quotas are lowest in recent years, and in a year the hospital can accept on them no more than 10 people. Twice more operations are paid by charity foundations. Besides, quotas were not recalculated two years, and treatment cost considerably grew and is not entered in allocated with the budget of 107 thousand rubles on one patient.

Every year there are all new preparations for a cancer therapy, allowing essentially to improve a forecast, and the scientific research institute tries to use them. The institute of children’s oncology adheres to the western standards of treatment, unlike the vast majority of oncological hospitals of Russia. And compelled lack of preparations, according to Mentkevich, will strongly affect destinies of children and reputation of oncologists because if the child did not survive in the absence of the drugs, the doctor all the same will be guilty.

For the last month the compulsory health insurance Fund allocated for purchase of medicines for the nursery and for adult oncological hospital of 230 thousand rubles. Thus that this sum hardly pays expenses on adequate modern treatment of one child. On 230 thousand rubles it is possible to get, for example, only 11 daily doses of an antifungoid preparation.

Mentkevich also complained that recently instead of qualitative western preparations for them order Russian дженерики which sometimes are simply contraindicated to children. Besides, there are many problems with deliveries of well proved drugs in connection with delays in their registration.

At present the hospital hopes only to the aid charity foundations. The chairman of the Nastenka fund helping scientific research institute, Jamil Aliyev, in the interview of RIA Novosti news agency noted that for the first time for 10-year history of their cooperation, the hospital needs even the simplest drugs for chemotherapy. In hospital there are no antineoplastic preparations (a methotrexate, этопозид), antibiotics, antifungoid, antiemetic means and antibodies.

Ministry of Health asked scientific research institute to explain the reasons of failure in provision of medicines of patients. According to officials, the quota covers treatment cost and if some cases demand additional financing, the institute has money within the estimate.

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