The Indian smokers treat mourning march

The Indian smokers treat mourning marchThe antismoking company in India accepted quite freakish forms after experts noticed that frightening inscriptions on cigaret packs «Ministry of Health warns…», ceased to operate. Now smokers in the frighten steel country execution of a melody of Raan Naam Satya Hai which it is possible to consider as the Indian analog of mourning march of Chopin.

The most interesting in that Raan Naam Satya Hai sounds from now on on the Indian streets at booths where trade in tobacco production. For convenience of smokers on walls of these outlets stationary lighters of yellow color from which the buyer can light right there hang. Now at this procedure of a lighter also start to execute a mourning melody unexpectedly. Smoking Indians, we will tell directly, are shocked with an innovation. Many of them at Raan Naam Satya Hai sounds from surprise lose cigarets, others in horror отшатываются from lighters and, without having lit, rush away. But is also such who with interest puts an ear to «a musical casket» and, without coming off, listens to sad chords. Therefore while it is impossible to tell precisely as far as lighters of new type will appear effective assistants to carrying out in India antismoking campaign.

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