The impregnated ovum can get the civil drivers license

The impregnated ovum can get the civil drivers licenseIn the American state of Virginia, human embryos can get the civil driver’s license, writes Associated Press.

The lower house of legislative assembly of staff with double majority of votes accepted the new document according to which the impregnated ovum already is considered the personality.

At the same time, and with approximately same distribution of opinions voted, the law obliging the woman was passed, planning abortion, at first to pass ultrasonography. Authors of the law and congressmen count that own eyes having seen new life in itself, the woman with bigger probability will refuse abortion.

Representatives of democratic party of the USA were against both laws. mainly republicans pro voted. The program the maximum of the majority of members of Republican Party is an absolute prohibition of the abortions allowed in Virginia nearly 40 years ago.

In case of adoption of the bill by the Senate of staff and the governor, abortions will be all the same lawful, despite existence at a fruit of the civil rights.

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