The help at poisoning with carbon monoxide

The help at poisoning with carbon monoxideWith arrival of spring the risk of poisoning with carbon monoxide increases (WITH). Many of us go to "render habitable" the dachas which have cooled down after winter, and quite often abuse oven heating and fireplaces. Manifestation of symptoms of poisoning by carbon monoxide depends on its concentration in air and duration of impact on a human body. So, if inhaled air contains 0,08 % WITH, at the person the headache and asthma develops. If concentration WITH reaches 0,32 %, there comes consciousness loss. And when concentration WITH reaches 0,45 %, there comes death.

The main danger thus consists that carbon monoxide has no color and a smell therefore the victim does not feel poisoning approach, will not faint yet. (That is why very often cases when owners of privately owned vehicles do a halt on the winter road tragicly come to an end and to be warmed, leave working the engine at the closed windows and doors).

First symptoms of poisoning:

1. There is a headache, noise in ears, dizziness, a breast pain, dry cough, dacryagogue, nausea and vomiting.

2. Visual and acoustical hallucinations begin, skin and mucous membranes get a crimson shade, arterial pressure raises.

3. Drowsiness develops, impellent paralysis is possible, but thus the person is in consciousness.

4. Then there comes the consciousness loss, being accompanied spasms and an involuntary otkhozhdeniye of urine and a calla. Pupils are thus expanded and poorly react to light.

First aid at poisoning with carbon monoxide:

  • Take out the victim from a room with the high content of carbon monoxide on fresh air
  • At weak superficial breath at the victim – lay it and to provide continuous access of fresh air (to brush away with the newspaper to turn on the fan or the conditioner)
  • If the unconscious victim, immediately to start to do artificial breath
  • When the victim will come to the senses, it is possible to put a warm hot-water bottle to feet and let’s inhale the liquid ammonia dropped on cotton wool
  • It is obligatory to cause "fast" since complications from lungs and nervous system can be shown not at once

Pay attention:

  • if in the house there is a furnace or a fireplace, it is necessary to check daily, whether zaslonka are open in them before going to bed;
  • in the increased smoke of air it is necessary to limit stay time on the street and if you are in a fire zone – to use damp gauze bandages (or to breathe through the wetted handkerchief).

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