The commission dealt with medicine problems in Top Ufaley after meeting of doctors

The commission dealt with medicine problems in Top Ufaley after meeting of doctorsThe commission which has arrived in Top Ufaley after meeting who has taken place there of doctors, finished check and on its basis made some decisions, the press service of the governor of Chelyabinsk region writes.

The structure of the working group collected at the initiative of governor Mikhail Yurevich, included representatives of Ministry of Health of Chelyabinsk region, the Head expert department, Management on interaction with territories, regional office of FOMS and the doctors participating in meeting.

Officials checked a condition of hospital and its equipment, working conditions, personnel structure, accounts department and system of charge of salaries to physicians.

Following the results of check the commission provided the plan of measures which should correct current situation. In particular, it includes moving some offices into other buildings, repair of surgical, therapeutic office and garage for ambulance cars, purchase of new equipment (гастроскопы, ultrasonography), and also monthly control over charge of salaries to medical staff.

Hospital "consolidation" will be also probably organized: release of a number of cases and repair remained at the expense of the liberated finance.

Recommendations of the commission will be considered by the area management, local Ministry of Health, compulsory health insurance fund and staff of hospital. After adoption of the document, the question of sources of financing of reorganization of hospital will be solved. Ministry of Health of Chelyabinsk region is for its part already ready to allocate 5 million rubles.

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