The Chinese woman underwent two hundred plastic surgeries in four years

The Chinese woman underwent two hundred plastic surgeries in four yearsThe beauty demands victims, both material, and physical. 4 million yuans that is equivalent to more than 600 thousand dollars, the Chinese woman spent for looking in the modern world how it show in glossy magazines. As the newspaper «Chayna дейли» reported, to the 20-year-old inhabitant of an administrative center of east Province of Jiangsu, Nanjing, in total made more than 200 plastic surgeries.

It began experiments with the person and a body when she was 16 more years old. Well-founded parents did not feel sorry for funds for whims of the unique child which wanted to look the first beauty of Heavenly Empire. Operation followed operation, but the girl who, naturally, did not want to open the name, remained unsatisfied with how it looks. During four with superfluous years cosmetic surgeons worked on its shape, however instead of beauty she got constant pain. Not in forces to take out it, she addressed to physicians for the help.

The verdict of doctors was rigid. Plastic surgeries undermined health of the girl, the greatest danger to it is represented now by a condition of her breast and feet. 200 plastic surgeries yielded the results, millions – on a wind, and how many still it is necessary to be treated.

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