The analgetic which it is possible to supervise

is created

The analgetic which it is possible to superviseThe analgetic of new generation was created by the European and American biologists. The innovation is that the preparation is photosensitive. Respectively it can be "included" and "switched off" by means of impulses of green and dark-violet light, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

During work on search of the controllable version of lidocaine experts led by Richard Kramer from the Californian University paid attention to QAQ molecule analgetic. On function it represents a mix anesthetizing the general action and narrow-purpose preparations.

The matter is that QAQ – "gluing together" of two modified molecules of the lidocaine connected by means of pair of atoms of nitrogen. In usual conditions (at standard lighting and room temperature) the most part of molecules of QAQ reminds a long flat chain (trance isomer). If to irradiate QAQ with dark-violet light, the structure will be curtailed into tsis-isomer. Green light, on the contrary, straightens structure.

QAQ already checked on rodents. According to experts, a trance isomer – a good anesthetic about what told decrease in force of nervous impulses approximately twice. Besides, painful receptors worked normally. As a whole it gave sensitivity reduction to an irritant five times.

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