The American doctors of Russian origin help our children

The American doctors of Russian origin help our childrenThe group of the Russian doctors living in the USA, and their American colleagues intends to expand essentially the program of the help to the Russian children who need treatment. The chairman of board of directors told about it in interview of ITAR-TASS Russian American medical association/FRAME / Boris Vinogradsky.

According to him, the program «Children’s heart» operates some years to Kemerovo, but soon the cities should join it some more. In particular, in April five doctors entering in the FRAME go with charitable mission to Yaroslavl. There in one of children’s hospitals they in 4 days in cooperation with local colleagues intend to carry out heart at least 8 operations and 8-12 operations on vessels. Besides, they will carry out a series of lectures and seminars.

«We want to create the long-term program of an exchange of the experience which idea consists in training of the Russian doctors», – told Vinogradsky. According to him, it will allow «to lower a death rate after operations and to reduce number of complications».

As the representative the FRAME noted, within the program «Children’s heart» doctors from the USA work at a charitable basis. He also emphasized that the success of the program to Kemerovo is already obvious. According to him, now there about 200 cardiological operations of children which age often does not exceed some months are annually carried out. Quite recently these indicators were much lower.

In plans the FRAME medical missions to other cities of Russia. In particular, cooperation with the new Federal scientific and clinical center of children’s hematology, oncology and immunology of a name of D. Rogatchyov in Moscow is planned. Vinogradsky reported about plans of a meeting with the management of this center during an April trip. «We already had negotiations last year. As far as we understand, there is no qualified personnel – in particular, children’s neurosurgeons and nurses», – he told, having assured of readiness the FRAME to help if necessary in this direction.

This year experts the FRAME plan also a trip to the city of Leninsk – Kuznetsk the Kemerovo region in which, according to Vinogradsky, along with surgeons the accoucheur-gynecologist and the urologist of world level» will take part «. Inquiries about implementation of similar projects already arrived from Tomsk, Ufa and other Russian cities.

As the FRAME Olga Osipoff specified the executive director, there are plans «an exit out of limits of «Children’s heart» as besides nurseries exist also adult hearts "." We have a long-term mission, we want to help the Russian health care. We come to Russia, we perform there operations, we train colleagues that over time they could operate already without assistance», – she added.

In turn, Vinogradsky – the surgeon practising in the USA already about 20 years, told that «in the Russian medicine there are lucid minds, but the problem is that there the system of medical education does not allow the person to receive the same preparation, as in the USA». «I lived in Russia, studied there and when arrived to America, felt a difference. Now we are ready to help colleagues. We have a model which works», – he told.

Vinogradsky sees «a problem that in Russia even outstanding experts defend an old position according to which the health care should be free». However, according to him, «the medicine is, first of all, the industry, which supports itself». «I do not say that all should pay for services of 100 percent. To help, eat the state, insurance companies, eventually, businessmen who are ready to put own means in projects. But if the approach to medicine as to the industry is not, reform of health system of result will not give», – the expert believes.

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