Excess of salt in a diet appeared is comparable on danger with smoking

Excess of salt in a diet appeared is comparable on danger with smokingResearchers led by Viola Vakkarino (Viola Vaccarino) from Emory’s (Emory University) university in Atlanta studied influence of existence of excess of sodium in a diet on a condition of coronary vessels, estimating so-called reserve speed of a coronary blood-groove (CFR, coronary flow reserve, RSKK). Scientists established that excess of norm of the use of sodium increases risk of stenocardia in the same measure, as smoking. The report on research is published in March issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition magazine.

Scientists included in research of 143 pairs male twins 50 years are more senior. By means of the so-called questionnaire Uilleta (Willett food-frequency questionnaire) it was established, how many sodium contained in their food within the last twelve months. Then to one of twins of each pair increased amount of sodium in a diet.

RSKK measured by means of a positron and issue tomography without loading and during adenozinovy a stress dough. As a result of researches it became clear that value of RSKK at examinees in which diet added sodium, falls much below norm. The size of this indicator decreased approximately for ten percent at increase in amount of sodium in a diet on only one gram a day (that there correspond to the use in addition 2,5 grams of table salt a day).

Average consumption of sodium in America makes about 3,4 grams a day that exceeds recommended norm in 2,3 grams a day. To people 30 years are more senior, with a chronic disease of kidneys authors of research recommend to hypertensive persons, diabetics or people a daily average dose in 1,5 grams. The main way of decrease in amount of sodium in a diet is reduction of consumption of table salt.

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