Stop Earth, I will descend!

Stop Earth, I will descend!In recent years Russia left on the second place in the world by number of suicides. Thus men kill themselves in 6 times more often than women, and more than a half died are young people till 30 years. In total on the country about 2800 children annually commit a suicide. Not so long ago the United Nations addressed to the governments of all countries with a request to pay attention to a suicide problem. On forecasts of doctors by 2020 the number of suicides can increase in 1,5 times. From the report published by WHO, follows that in a year on a planet about 1 million suicides is fixed. It turns out that suicides occur each 40 seconds …

Why they leave?

How to learn, who is the potential suicide? Having made the analysis on social composition, age, sex, a profession, scientists came to a conclusion: nobody can be an exception. Here is how makes comments on it the research supervisor of the Perm educational research center of avitalny activity (i.e. the activity directed on reduction and the termination of own life), the candidate of medical sciences Yury Vagin: «The very first sign of that the person sat down in a bad train which too quickly is lucky it to terminal station, is the syndrome of Assoli described by me, or an expectation syndrome. It is shown that existence «here and now» does not please the person and it lives in hope of the future – «now badly, but then it will be good» therefore now it is necessary not to live, and to worry.« It is rather the days off "," it is rather summer "," it is rather holiday "," it is rather to marry "," it is rather on pension» – all these frank manifestations of desire to live rather (that is to reduce) the life».

Terribly and that especially many suicides occur among teenagers and pensioners. At the first «Quixote syndrome» is, as a rule, observed: young people do not cope with difficulties of transition to adult life during our capitalist time. Being the most unprotected layer of society, they cannot fight against injustice, realize themselves as the personality, and quite often take the own life, being given, as they say, without fight. For the second as it is bitter, all the best in life remained behind, and ahead – only frightening uncertainty and, sometimes, a lonely poor old age. Therefore the attempts of suicide made by them, differ big reasonableness, and a deadly outcome – very high.

Whether the psychiatrist is necessary

Since Soviet period, there is a myth that all suicides – ordinary mentally ill people. And consequently, there is nothing to potter with them, they should be treated simply. Compulsorily, if do not want. From 2003 to 2006 in Russia more than 60 thousand suicides were lost. Thus the most part from them were absolutely mentally healthy. What pushes them on this terrible step? If to consider the reasons in decreasing order, such sad picture appears. On the first place there is an incurable disease, on the second – death of the loved one and unfortunate love, on the third – an adultery, on the fourth – absence of work and a lack of money, on the fifth – loneliness and loss of meaning of the life. But this list not full because in 80 % of suicides the reason and remains obscure: in the XXI century of the suicide, as a rule, do not leave agonal notes, and the close people who have lived near them for many years, after the tragedy often only make a helpless gesture, being lost in painful guesses. And it is not casual. After all in each separate case to suicide of the person one of above called reasons, and that call notorious "last straw" induces at all. But a lot of things thus depends and on temperament of the person, his psychological tendency to a suicide. At the beginning of the XX century the Swiss psychologist K.Yung noticed that if one people are excited by external events if one are turned, so to speak, outside, others are deepened in the internal life, them external events, how many own experiences and the internal life not so much interest. He called the first extroverts, and the second – introverts. Researches showed that more often scores with life introverts among whom there are a lot of people of creative professions reduce: writers, artists, actors, musicians, that is people with the thin organization of soul.

Where to address for the help

Unfortunately, presently that who decided to commit suicide, start to help only after they will make the act. If will survive, certainly. So to do? If again rescue of the drowning – work drowning, than we can help people who already decided on this fatal step? Do not hurry to wave away from them, having declared suicide by the weakness unworthy the normal person. Ponder: they live among us, mislaid in the big indifferent city. They – the unfortunate despaired people who have no place to go with the trouble, there is nobody to share the problems. In effect, all of us happen are very lonely heavy minutes of the life and more than ever we need someone’s participation and support. Sometimes – it is simple in possibility to be uttered, and nearby – anybody …
Pay attention:

Children’s telephone hotline of Moscow and concerning the child parental relations:

+7 (495) 624 60 01

Phone of an emergency medico-psychological assistance in crisis situations:

+7 (495) 205-05-50

Phone of «the hot line» Center of an emergency psychological assistance of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

+7 (495) 626-37-07

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