Men are not able to use condoms?

Men are not able to use condoms?The international group of researchers came to a conclusion that misuse of condoms is extremely widespread in all regions of the world and is a serious problem of health care.

The group on research of use of condoms of Institute of Kinsi at University of Indiana united more than 20 scientists from the different countries. Within more than 10 years they carried out numerous researches on this subject and published them in special issue of the scientific magazine Sexual Health.

According to conclusions of the scientists, many people use condoms incorrectly. Researches which were carried out by physicians, opened really scandalous things: for example, among one thousand got on reception to the venereologist of patients in the USA a quarter used condoms which were developed previously before the use. Thus from them there were complaints that condoms are torn (at 40 % of men and at 30 % of women) – as no wonder as thin latex is calculated on a bit different loadings. Another 10 % put on the wrong side and then turned out, and about 4 % managed to use one rubber product several times in a row. Over a half of all respondents in the majority of researches incorrectly removed a condom, and from 20 to 50 % did not use it throughout all sexual intercourse. And it is characteristic for inhabitants both developing, and economically developed countries.

According to scientists, population training to the correct application of condoms will play a critical role in prevention of distribution of HIV infection and decrease in quantity of undesirable beremennost.

Researchers consider what to raise a role of means of protection in prevention of infections, sexually transmitted, it is possible by means of public education, information campaign on the Internet and consultations of people in medical institutions.

The oldest condom which has reached up to now, is found in Lund, Sweden and is dated 1640. In the Soviet Union condoms made at Bakovsky plant of rubber products, and production began at Lavrenti Beria’s direct patronage. It was called "product number two" as in production of plant the gas mask was considered as a product number one after all.


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