Secrets of coltsfoot

Secrets of coltsfootThis small yellow floret the first appears after winter on wood hillocks, along coast of the rivers, and even within the city – directly on hardly ottaivshy lawns that have not yet been set with ornamental plants. It not only pleases the eye, but also is irreplaceable for health strengthening in spring avitaminosis.

The speaking name

Coltsfoot – a perennial grassy plant of family astrovy. Its Latin name occurs from the words "tussis" – cough and «agere» – to deduce. In height достигает25 see. Leaves large, rounded heart-shaped, gear. A flower small yellow, collected in baskets. Blossoms in April, even before emergence of leaves. Grows almost on all territory of Russia, and also in the Caucasus and in Central Asia.

In Russia coltsfoot still called "dvulichnik", "lined" or «a water burdock». The bottom party of leaves of coltsfoot to the touch heats, and top – cools, why there was a Russian name of this plant. About its curative properties it was known in Ancient Greece and Rome. Hippocrates used coltsfoot as otkharkivayushchy means, and also for poultices at abscesses and not healing ulcers.

Successfully used this plant and Old Russian vrachevatel. Fresh juice with sugar (on 4 tablespoons in day) treated patients with tuberculosis of lungs. Broth from leaves of coltsfoot and a nettle, taken equally, Russian beauties washed the head that hair were strong and without dandruff. And a kashitsa from fresh leaves applied to removal of callosities.

In traditional medicine infusion from leaves of coltsfoot is recommended at dry long cough, hoarseness of a voice, bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchial asthma.

To prepare it, it is necessary to fill in 2 tablespoons of the crushed leaves with a boiled water glass, to close densely and to insist on a water bath of 15 minutes. Then to sustain in a warm place of 45 minutes, to filter through 2 layers of a gauze, to wring out and finish infusion volume to a full glass boiled water. To store infusion no more than 3 days are possible in the refrigerator. To accept to food по1 to a tablespoon each 3 hours, previously heating slightly. (If you bought leaves in a drugstore in the form of granules, on a glass of boiled water take 10-12 pieces).

Outwardly broth (in the form of lotions and compresses) apply at an inflammation of veins, tumors, ulcers and an erysipelatous inflammation of skin.

At inflammatory processes of an oral cavity and a throat (quinsy, periodontosis and so forth) it is useful to do rinsings by infusion of leaves 3 times a day.

Where to look for and how to store?

Leaves and flowers of coltsfoot are medicinal vegetative raw materials, are a part of «Chest collecting No. 1,2» and are applied in official medicine at diseases of the top respiratory ways.

At inflammatory diseases of a stomach, intestines, a bladder and kidneys infusion intake from a flower mother-and-machekhi:20 gtsvetochny baskets залейте1 a lkipyatka is recommended, insist 1 hour and drink on 0,5 glasses 4 times a day.

If you have a possibility independently to prepare curative leaves of coltsfoot, to do it it is necessary in the first half of summer, surely tearing off leaves with a part a chereshka (but not больше5 cm). To dry them it is better on an attic or in the open air, displaying a thin layer and often overturning then to store in a dark place in paper packages or fabric sacks.

Both in a feast, and in the world …

As in fresh leaves of coltsfoot contains gallovy, apple, wine acids, полисахариды and vitamin C in a large number, and its flower are rich with tannins and essential oil, in the early spring this plant is very useful for using in food. It promotes increase of immunity and is fine prevention of seasonal avitaminosis. For what the crushed leaves of coltsfoot (previously well washed up in several waters!) it is possible to add in a small amount in traditional vegetable salads, and it is possible to prepare from them a separate dish. For example, original salad or tonic.

Salad «Spring morning»

  • carrots – 50г
  • fresh leaves coltsfoot – 15г
  • kefir of 1 % – 30г
  • salt sea (to taste)

The cleared crude carrots rub on a large grater. Coltsfoot leaves small cut. Everything mix, salt and fill with kefir.

Drink «Be healthy!»

  • dried hips – 50г
  • dried leaves of coltsfoot – 10г
  • honey – 100г
  • water – 1л

The crushed dried fruits of a dogrose mix with leaves of coltsfoot,
fill in with a half of boiling water and insist within 20 minutes. Broth filter, and again fill in with boiling water. Connect both broths, add honey and mix.

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