Scientists opened 2 new blood types

Scientists opened 2 new blood typesThe university of Vermont declares: in the nature there are six blood types. Besides already known I, II, III and IV groups, scientists revealed two more – Langerays and Dzhunior, reports "RBC" referring to Science Daily.

The head of research group Brian Ballif tells: "The problem of incompatibility of blood such as Langerays or Dzhunior at transfusion is quite rare. But there are groups of risk with an obvious ethnic component. For example, at more than 50000 Japanese group Dzhunior with a negative Rhesus factor. From here – difficulties at transfusion and possible incompatibility of mother and a fruit".

Actually, opening of new blood types was made thanks to a mass spectrometry method. He allowed to reveal ABCB6 and ABCG2 proteins on a surface of erythrocytes. These transport squirrels participating in transfer and a conclusion of substances from a cage, determine a blood type by types of Langerays and Dzhunior. Until recently the science knew only 30 proteins responsible for a blood type. Now to the list two more were added.

It is also known that new proteins are connected with stability of an organism to antineoplastic preparations. Scientists consider: this opening will allow to improve technologies of a cancer therapy. By the way, for these blood types experts found anti-genes ten years ago. However just now they managed to define their genetic basis. Ballif is sure that exist 10-15 more not blood types known to a science.

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