Scientists explained transformation of LVP of cholesterol into LNP

Scientists explained transformation of LVP of cholesterol into LNPThe American scientists found out, how cholesterol is transferred from липопротеидов high density (LPVP) in липопротеиды low density (LPNP), becoming from "good" "bad", reports EurekAlert!. It opens a way to creation of new generation of drugs for prevention of diseases of cardiovascular system.

LPNP contain that fraction of cholesterol which is postponed in walls of arteries, leading to formation of atherosclerotic plaques. LPVP, on the contrary, possesses anti-atherogenous action.

Researchers from Lawrence Berkli’s National laboratory at the Department of Energy of the USA received for the first time images of structure of protein – a carrier of air of the cholesterol (БПЭХС) performing work on transfer of cholesterol from LPVP in LPNP. These images were received by a method of electronic microscopy.

The obtained data confirmed an existing hypothesis that cholesterol moves between липопротеидами different fractions on a tunnel passing through the center of molecule БПЭХС.

"Our images showed that БПЭХС is small (53 килодальтона) a molecule having a form of banana, with the pointed N-end and the spherical S-end. We found out that the N-end gets into LPVP, and the S-end cooperates with LPNP that leads to formation of a three-componental complex. On the basis of the structural analysis we assumed that such interaction can create the molecular forces changing a form of ends БПЭХС with formation of a time from both parties of a molecule. This time incorporates to the central cavities БПЭХС, forming a tunnel, through which cholesterol leaves LPVP", – the head of research Gan Jen (Gang Ren) explained.

Scientists hope that the results received by them will help with development of new generation of inhibitors БПЭХС which will appear effective and safe. The preparation of this group developed earlier торцетрапид did not justify the hopes assigned to it.

The report on research is published in the Nature Chemical Biology magazine.


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