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Bone illness Pedzheta, part II: Radiological diagnostics, treatment

Bone illness Pedzheta, part II: Radiological diagnostics, treatmentRadiological changes at BP are usually enough characteristic. Long tubular bones About-shapedly or sablevidno are bent (fig. 1). The bone diameter at a certain level of a diaphysis or throughout all diaphysis is expanded. And утолщены and эпифизы. A bone thickening mainly at the expense of a kortikalny layer. The cortical layer sharply утолщается, loses the uniformity and is presented by the reinforced sklerozirovanny bone beams which are randomly Continue reading

Osteoarthritis, part II: laboratory, morphology, X-ray

Osteoarthritis, part II: laboratory, morphology, X-rayLaboratory diagnostics
Now laboratory tests, patognomonichny for OA, recommended for daily application, no. An indirect sign of activity of an inflammation is increase concentration of SRB. The main indications to carrying out laboratory researches are:

1. Differential diagnostics
It is carried out with infectious, specific (including tubercular), paraneoplastic, microcrystalline arthritises, revmatoidny arthritis. Frequency of detection Continue reading

Treatment art rose of joints

Treatment art rose of jointsTreatment

Treatment purposes

  1. Training of patients (an adequate assessment of activity of a disease, rational use of symptomatic therapy, the physical exercises supporting function of joints)
  2. Pain reduction
  3. Inflammation reduction
  4. Improvement of a functional condition of joints
  5. Prevention of further destruction of an articulate cartilage

Indications to hospitalization
According to recommendations of Association of Rheumatologists Continue reading

Osteoarthritis, part III: Differential diagnostics

Osteoarthritis, part III: Differential diagnosticsDifferential diagnostics of OA
In typical cases diagnostics of OA is not difficult, however in certain cases, especially at polyarticulary options of defeat, represents a non-trivial task. Most often the differential diagnosis is carried out with revmatoidny, psoriatichesky, microcrystalline, infectious arthritises.

Osteoarthritis, part I: risk factors, classification, clinic>>> Osteoartrit, part II: laboratory, morphology, X-ray>>> Continue reading

Osteoarthritis, part I: risk factors, classification, clinic

Osteoarthritis, part I: risk factors, classification, clinicDefinition
Osteoarthritis (OA) – the multifactorial, polietiologichesky heterogeneous group of diseases having similar clinical, morphological, biological manifestations and an outcome at the heart of which degenerate and dystrophic defeat of all components of a joint, first of all, a cartilage, a subkhondralny bone, and also a sinovialny cover, sheaves, paraarticulary muscles lies. It is characterized by local loss of an articulate cartilage Continue reading