The interactive map of places of use of condoms

is created

The interactive map of places of use of condomsTo celebration «National week of condoms», noted in the USA from February 14 to February 21, the Planned Parenthood company let out contraceptives with a QR code on packing. As it is specified on a site of this non-profit organization, them more than 50 thousand condoms were widespread in the State of Washington.

By means of the smartphone, able to read out such codes, it is possible through Facebook or Foursquare to note a place of use of each such contraceptive on a site It is possible to be noted also anonymously.

Points are plotted, which any visitor of a site can see. Localizations give in to sample on a sex, age of the partner, type of the relations (with the constant or casual partner), to an application place (to a car, a house bed, etc.) and even to quality of sex.

On a site also there is an instruction on the correct application of condoms.

His authors see the project purpose in promoting of a product and in fight against bias against contraceptives.

The action received extraordinary wide response. Geographical points of the sexual meetings on the card inhabitants almost on all noted the USA, and also from other countries and the cities, including Moscow.

On a photo – a screenshot from a site

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