The number of children to which needs to change a floor

increased in America in 12 years in 4 times

The number of children to which needs to change a floorThree American researches showed that in recent years children in the USA even more often do not identify themselves with the floor, writes Associated Press. Results of all three works were printed in the Pediatrics magazine.

During the first research which has been carried out by staff of children’s hospital of Boston, scientists analysed statistics of violations of sexual identification of children from 1998 to 2010. It appeared that for this term frequency of occurrence of this pathology increased in 4 times. In 12 years in hospital about hundred such patients but if in 1998 therapy there passed only 4 children were treated, in 2010 in office there were about 20 patients with «the brought-down gender model». The head of research group Normen Spek (Norman Spack) noted that in 12 years only one person refused treatment.

The Texas scientists in the research confirm statistics of the Boston colleagues. The staff of children’s hospital of Los Angeles was focused in the work on the description of one patient of eight years with pathology of gender self-identification.

Concerning this mental anomaly researchers connect become frequent addresses to doctors with development of modern means of the help by such patient. Now their treatment occurs as follows: the boy considering as the girl, or the girl considering as the boy, till 16 years receives the therapy detaining approach пубертата then to the patient register hormones of that floor to which it carries itself(himself), for formation of the corresponding secondary sexual signs.

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