Johnson & Johnson changes the management in connection with losses

Johnson & Johnson changes the management in connection with lossesThe head of the Johnson & Johnson company Bill Weldon (Bill Weldon) leaves from the post, writes Reuters.

The director general will transfer the position to the vice-chairman of board Alex Gorski (Alex Gorsky) in April, 2012.

Weldon worked in the Johnson & Johnson company all life, from them 10 years the director general. He was the eighth head of the company from the moment of its basis in 1886. After the resignation the 63-year-old head remains the head of board.

The decision on change of the head was accepted on the basis of a large quantity of complaints of consumers within two last years on quality of production of the company, mainly drugs and the medical equipment.

The opinion of the public affected sales of the goods of Johnson & Johnson therefore losses of the company made the nine-place sums.

In the autumn of last year it was reported that in children’s Johnson & Johnson shampoos carcinogens were revealed. In the summer of 2010 the company in connection with marriage returned party of the contact lenses causing at carrying of pain in eyes on a warehouse.

At present the company is one of world leaders in the field of production hygienic and medicines and medical equipment. Its annual turn makes about 60 billion dollars.

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