British dream to grow thin by means of small things

British dream to grow thin by means of small thingsThe interesting statistics was published by the British psychologists: 80 % of women store the things which are not suitable them on the size in clothes, in hope to grow thin. So, 75 % of the women interrogated by them believe that will grow thin and can carry these things again. 25 % a respondentok admitted that for all life their volumes changed within four sizes, but only 8 % from them store clothes of all these sizes in clothes.

Insignificant number of women reported that specially bought things of the smaller size, dreaming to grow thin, but it did not happen. 10 % of respondents store unnecessary things in memory of happy times.

Psychologist Linda Papadopoulos argues: the habit to store unnecessary things not only litters a case, but also is a dangerous tendency for a psychological and emotional condition. She urges women to give unnecessary clothes to the charitable organizations.

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