The sung tribe of Indians brought an action against breweries

The sung tribe of Indians brought an action against breweriesThe American Indian tribe in the USA demands from the largest breweries of 500 million dollars as compensation of the harm put with the excessive use of alcohol. As Indians declare, producers of foamy drink are responsible for a situation in Payn Ridzh’s reservation in South Dakota which tests sad consequences of "epidemic" of alcoholism.

In the claim submitted to Thursday to district court of the State of Nebraska on behalf of elders of a tribe oglala-siu, affirms that breweries delivered in the shops close to a reservation, «such amount of beer which much more exceeds established by the authorities of the State of Nebraska». Among persons involved in business such companies, as SAB Miller, MillerCoors LLC and Anheuser-Busch InBev Worldwide appear Molson Coors Brewing Company. According to claimants, these companies should refund expenses on alcoholism treatment, and also the related diseases, including at young generation of Indians.

The claim is turned also to four shops in the small town Uaytkley located on border of two states. Under the certificate of Indians, only 2010 about 5 million cans of beer here are sold. It thus that the population of the small town totals some tens people. The majority of "clients" of shops was made by inhabitants of a reservation in which territory the use of any alcohol is strictly forbidden.

Representatives of breweries and shops fairly enriched in recent years refused to make comments on the claim put forward against them. In turn, the leader oglala-siu John the Yellow Bird Steel which official "position" sounds as «the president of a tribe», is ready to go all the way to call to account the guilty.

Observers note that for years of universal alcoholism the situation in a reservation actually came nearer to the critical. Statistically, three of four children born in Payn Ridzh suffer an alcoholic syndrome. This disease causing various deviations in psychophysical development of the child, is a direct consequence of the use by the woman of alcohol to and during pregnancy.

The problem found reflection and in exclusively low average life expectancy in the reservation territory. By data on 2011 g, it made 45-52 years that is the second worst indicator in the USA after the Hawaiian Islands. For comparison, average life expectancy in the territory of all country makes 77,5 years.

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