Remedy for racism is found?

Remedy for racism is found?The British doctors assumed that the reason of racism is the fear which can be blocked medicines. In particular, the propranolol which is applying to treatment of heart diseases.

Scientists from Great Britain made experiment in which two groups on 18 people with white skin color took part. To the first group offered a tablet – the "baby’s dummy" which is not containing active chemicals, and the second – propranolol. In 2 hours after reception of a preparation of each participant of experiment asked to describe the emotions from viewing of photos of people of different races.

As a result: the volunteers taking the real medicine, did not test negative feelings in relation to people with dark skin. Scientists explain it to that propranolol affects not only nervous system, but also on that part of a brain which is responsible for fear and emotional reactions.

However their Russian colleagues do not hurry to take on trust results of these researches, motivating with that xenophobia includes concept not only sensation of fear.

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