I do not want striped or How to get rid of extensions

I do not want striped or How to get rid of extensionsExtensions on skin give troubles to many women. Especially that who became recently a mother. No, they do not hurt and do not put harm to health, but from the point of view of an esthetics can quite become the cause for a female depression. The Internet and glossy female magazines dazzle with various councils in this respect therefore came it is time to find out how to get rid of extensions, without resorting to serious surgical interventions.

Extensions, they are striya …

Extensions, they are striya (from an armor. Striae – "strips") are defects on skin in the form of trophic hems from white to red-violet color, various on width. Most often they are localized on a breast, a stomach, hips, buttocks (and at athletes can appear and on hand inside).
The majority of cases of emergence of extensions at women is connected with pregnancy and childbirth. But also to them can bring diseases of endocrine system and uncontrolled reception of hormonal preparations. At the men having obesity, an extension too not a rarity.

We place emphasis on a food

Without surgical intervention completely to win extensions, unfortunately, it is impossible, but to make them less appreciable quite really. And the first step in this fight as it is banal, is the balanced food. The thesis that we – that we eat, still nobody cancelled. In a daily diet of the woman, laid down to themselves the aim to get rid of ugly extensions, there should be without fail seafood, vegetables, fruit, vegetable oil, greens and nuts. Vitamins and the fat acids containing in these products, positively influence elasticity of skin.
The second important component of the balanced food at extensions is water. In day it is necessary to drink not less than 2,5 l of liquid (it is desirable simple still water): exactly thanks to it elasticity of skin raises.

We choose the correct oil

Extensions – it is far not a modern problem. Women faced it from time immemorial. In Russia from extensions linen oil was considered as a universal remedy. Thanks to the high content of polynonsaturated fat acids an omega-3 and an omega-6, it promotes normalization of exchange processes in an organism as a whole and to improvement of a turgor of skin in particular. Therefore if daily to put on clean skin of problem places linen oil, in 4-6 weeks the situation with extensions considerably will improve. But not only linen oil will be suitable for this purpose. So, if you have a fat skin, cosmeticians recommend to use almond oil in pure form. And if skin is inclined to dryness and a peeling, to almond oil it is best of all to add oil of germs of wheat in the ratio 1:1. For the lack of these oils also the traditional quite will approach: sunflower or olive. (By the way, vegetable oils together with collagen are a part also some ready expensive creams from extensions, in the big range presented in drugstores).

We begin medical wrappings

If extensions, especially in a stomach, are too appreciable, it is possible to practise medical wrappings in house conditions with collagen, lanolin, cocoa butter, blue clay and other recycling components which strengthen blood circulation and a metabolism in the field of extensions. For this purpose before a wrapping it is necessary to accept warm (but at all hot, especially if there are problems with pressure!) bath that skin pores as much as possible opened. Then to clear skin of the top become lifeless layer an epiteliya by means of any srub (it can be both factory structure in a tube, and usual salt with soap or a coffee thick). Then to take some pure cotton towels, to arrange on them a thin layer of the blue clay dissolved with warm water to a consistence of porridge. And accurately to wrap up by means of towels a stomach, hips, hands (or other problem sites of skin). In 30 minutes to remove towels, to wash away the clay remains warm water, to muffle in something warm and 10-15 minutes quietly to lie down.
If you not the allergic person, in any means of a wrapping can add 1-2 drops of aromatic oil (a lemon, orange, rosemary) that not only will make procedure more pleasant, but also will increase its efficiency.

We go to the cosmetician

If you not the supporter of house procedures, choose reliable clinic where the professional cosmetologist will pick up for you alternative techniques:

  • laser correction;
  • mesotherapy;
  • ultrasonic correction;
  • wrappings with dirt and algas;
  • cosmetic masks;
  • anti-cellulite massage;
  • chemical peeling.

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