Regions spend for drugs for exempts only 20 % of necessary means

Regions spend for drugs for exempts only 20 % of necessary meansThe head of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development Tatyana Golikova recognized that with provision of medicines of those categories of the population which have privileges at regional level, in our country there are serious problems. «According to the most conservative estimates, for ensuring needs of exempts it is necessary to spend annually 134 billion roubles, but subjects spend only 27 billion roubles», – the minister in interview to "Sheets" declared.

Thus, regions allocate for drugs only 20 % of the necessary sum. In view of that fact that about 13 million exempts need the help of subjects of federation on all country, the situation is represented at all sad. «We cannot interfere is not our powers. We can recommend only», – Golikova complains, including incorrect the population position, which all anger (in connection with a lack of provision of medicines) is directed on the federal authority.

The minister sees some ways of an exit from current situation. «Or the population partially should pay for drugs, or we should allocate something from system of obligatory medical insurance», – she argues. According to Tatyana Golikova, in Russia there is no rather developed system of own pharmaceutical industry. If it will be possible to meet this peculiar crisis, in the market there will be the domestic medicines, which cost essentially below, than foreign. Besides, there is possible a production cheap дженериков. There is a probability that existence more available at the price of preparations will allow regions to cope with planned purchases for patients exempts.

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