Producers of Coca change a compounding in order to avoid writing of cautions

Producers of Coca change a compounding in order to avoid writing of cautionsThe world’s largest producers of the aerated drinks – the Coca-Cola and Pepsiko companies change a compounding to avoid placement on bottles of the danger warning of emergence of cancer diseases. Acceptance of such measure as reports BBC, is connected with introduction in the State of California in the list of cancerogenic substances 4-метилимидазола which is used in caramel dye for "Pepsi Cola" and "Coca-Cola".

The companies addressed to suppliers of caramel with a desperate request to change process of its preparation that it was as a result formed less than this substance. At the same time, as appears from statements of representatives «the Cook – Cola» both "Pepsiko", and the present recipe of drinks for health does not represent any risk. «We asked suppliers of caramel to take this step that our products did not fall under the requirement about placement of scientifically unreasonable preventions», – the representative of "Coca-Cola" declared, in particular.

High level of the contents 4-метилимидазола in "Coca-Cola", "Pepsi Cola" and dietary brands of these drinks found the Center for use of achievements of a science in interests of society. Since February, 2011 the Center tries to achieve a ban of ammoniac and sulphitic caramel dyes.

As a result of one of scientific researches connection of substance with emergence of cancer diseases at mice and rats was established. However there are no proofs of that this substance represents health hazard of people, the American Association of producers of drinks considers.

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