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Stop Earth, I will descend!

Stop Earth, I will descend!In recent years Russia left on the second place in the world by number of suicides. Thus men kill themselves in 6 times more often than women, and more than a half died are young people till 30 years. In total on the country about 2800 children annually commit a suicide. Not so long ago the United Nations addressed to the governments of all countries with a request to pay attention to a suicide problem. On forecasts of doctors by 2020 the number Continue reading

Alcoholism – a mental disease

Alcoholism - a mental diseaseAlcoholism – a disease mental. Doubt? And try to remember behavior of the patient with alcoholism during the aggravation periods. The "loony" "mad", "sick" and, certainly, "alcoholic" – here those epithets that to a bowl of all get to such drinking person because a way of life of the patient with the diagnosis «chronic alcoholism» is actually very far from the normal. Problems with alcohol to the last do not Continue reading

Whom will sexless children grow?

Whom will sexless children grow?The concept "gender and neutral" children was included into the use quite recently. Few years ago nobody could present itself(himself) families in which 5 – the 6-year-old kid would not know, what it a floor. Today this phenomenon became reality. Moreover, every year at new trend is more and more the followers, wishing to bring up children «free from stereotypes». In their houses of the boy plaits let grow and dress up in pink dresses Continue reading

From the boy – in the girl and back

From the boy – in the girl and backIn article «Whom sexless children» we will grow discussed a problem of families which decide to bring up the kids free from gender stereotypes. For such parents the physiological sex of the child is absolutely unimportant, and they try to provide to the child a full freedom of choice of clothes, toys and behavior tactics. The fashion on "gender and neutral" children appeared relatively recently, therefore data on how such children at teenage Continue reading

Electroshock as remedy for a depression

Electroshock as remedy for a depressionElectroconvulsive therapy (EST) or, in other words, electroshock (when the person is given the category of a current causing convulsions) over 70 years are applied. This method is used from 30th years of the last century, despite doubts and even the hardened fights of many psychiatrists and psychologists. The next researches, apparently, give to "disgraced" technology the second life.

Structure and statistics. Now electroconvulsive Continue reading

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