The American doctors stopped growth of the most tall person on a planet

The American doctors stopped growth of the most tall person on a planetTo the American doctors from University Virginia was possible to stop steady growth of the champion of the Guinness Book of Records – the 29-year-old Turk of the Sultan Kosen. Within two years the man passed treatment in the USA, and for the last three months of supervision doctors confirmed: The sultan does not grow any more. Its growth stopped on a mark of 2,53 meters.

The reason of an illness of Kosen was the tumor of the hypophysis which has arisen at early age, and as a result – development of an excessive hormone of growth. Kosen’s attending physician, endocrinologist Mary Li Vance specified: it is a question of the good-quality tumor caused by a mutation of cages, however not moving to treatment by earlier known ways.

In 2010 to Kosen suggested to go to the USA and to pass therapy by the latest preparations that allowed to stabilize a growth hormone gradually. The course included not only hormonal medicines, but also laser surgery, gamma beams. Doctors are sure that made break: "We hope for the best, the Sultan the charming person though we and communicate through the translator. It is difficult to wish kinder and sensitive patient. This happiness – to stop growth of a tumor and hormone emission, after all the patient grew and grew, and heart and other bodies thus remained unadapted to such huge sizes that did life of the Sultan not so sweet".
The Sultan says that yet does not trust the happiness, but after all hopes to recover.

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