How to put cups and a warming compress

How to put cups and a warming compressThe spring came, on the street considerably became warmer, and catarrhal diseases again «lifted the head». Often in this case appoint old kind means: statement a banok or warming compresses. From as far as it will be correctly made, the effect of procedure depends. So, came it is time to stop in detail on these two methods of treatment which still our grandmothers successfully used.

Banks medical

Medical banks represent glass vessels with a roundish bottom and reinforced edges in capacity from 30 to 70 ml. The first mention of application a banok is dated the XVI century.

The action mechanism a banok is simple: because of vacuum created in it it sticks to skin and strengthens lympho-and blood circulation on this site, thereby improving a food of fabrics. It promotes decrease in inflammatory process.

Medical banks are shown at inflammatory processes in respiratory organs (bronchitis, pneumonia), intercostal neuralgia, radiculitises, sharp and chronic миозитах.

Contra-indications to statement a banok:

  • body temperature is higher 38 °
  • existence of malignant or good-quality new growths
  • tuberculosis
  • pulmonary bleedings
  • damages on skin

Algorithm of statement banok:

  • be convinced that at a banok there are defects (no cracks and so forth)
  • lay the patient on a stomach
  • shave hair on a back (if they are)
  • grease back skin with vaseline (or children’s cream)
  • grasp tweezers a slice of the cotton wool previously moistened in medical alcohol
  • carefully set fire to a match and fast movements bring it in everyone banks then at once put it on a back along a backbone
  • cover the patient from above something warm and leave banks of 10 minutes
  • accurately serially remove banks, thus rejecting them aside that air inside could get a little
  • after banks are removed, wipe back skin alcohol (or vodka) and provide to the patient heat, lack of drafts and rest

Pay attention: today in drugstores it is possible to buy advanced medical banks which are added with a cylinder for vacuum creation. It considerably simplifies procedure of their statement (the stage with match firing is excluded that will help to avoid possible burns).

Warming compress

Warming compress (from an armor. Compressus – "compressed") is a version of the bandage applied with the medical purpose. Warming compresses apply at inflammatory diseases of joints, after traumas and bruises (but only from 2-3rd day!), infiltrates after the medicinal injections, limited sharp and chronic pain syndromes, inflammatory processes of a pharynx and a throat, sharp thrombophlebitises of extremities.

Contra-indications to statement of a warming compress:

  • sharp inflammatory processes of skin (furuncle, anthrax, erysipelatous inflammation)
  • some skin diseases (eczema, deprive)
  • predisposition to bleeding

Also warming compress cannot be imposed, if before it skin was processed by iodine as moisture evaporations from skin can cause a strong burn.

Algorithm of statement of a warming compress:

  • take a piece of a cotton fabric, moisten it with water of room temperature, wring out, straighten and put to a sore point
  • from above put a leaf of pergament paper (or special paper for compresses) so that it on 2см covered a fabric layer
  • from above put a cotton wool layer that it, in turn, on 2см covered paper
  • on it put a piece of cellophane that it on 2см covered cotton wool
  • then hardly bandage a compress (but watch that it did not squeeze blood vessels) and leave it at 6-8 o’clock (better it to do for the night)
  • in the morning carefully remove a compress, wipe a body warm boiled water (or vodka) and provide heat

Pay attention: depending on appointment of the doctor, for a compress can be used not only water, but also broth of herbs, honey or a part of plants (a cabbage leaf, burdock leaves and so forth).

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