How to help at an electrotrauma

How to help at an electrotraumaDefeat by an electrocurrent belongs to terminal (i.e. menacing to life) to conditions. The most part of accidents occurs at defeat by an alternating current of industrial frequency (50 Hz).

But the electrotrauma happens not only at direct contact of a body of the person with a current source, but also at arc contact when it is near installation with tension more than 1000 In (especially, if indoors high humidity of air).

The way of distribution of a current through a body of the victim is called «a current loop». The greatest danger is represented by the loops passing through heart (for example, the left hand – the right hand) or a brain (the head – a hand).

The electrocurrent causes heavy local and general violations in a human body. Local changes are shown in the form of burns in places of an exit and a current entrance. At influence of an alternating current by force 15 мА the person has spasms (a so-called not releasing current). And at defeat by a current by force 25-50 мА there comes respiratory standstill: because of a spasm of vocal chords the victim cannot call to the aid. If action of a current not to stop, in 2-3 minutes there will come cardiac arrest as a result of a hypoxemia that will lead to death of the victim.

First aid at defeat by an electrocurrent

1. Isolate the victim of a current source: switch off the device from the socket or turn out jams. Take away electric wires from the victim, without touching them and to the victim (by means of a dry rope or a stick).

3. Check, whether he breathes. If is not present, immediately start to do artificial breath of companies in a mouth within half an hour.

4. At cardiac arrest at the same time it is necessary to begin indirect massage, and, as soon as possible, i.e. the first 5 minutes when cages of a head and spinal cord still continue to live.

5. After to the victim the consciousness will return, give to drink it (but not alcoholic beverages and coffee!), process burns and heat cover.

Pay attention:

  • After any blow an electric current surely address to the doctor even if got off with a slight burn: the condition can sharply worsen in the next few hours after a trauma.
  • At transportation in hospital of the victim being unconscious or with not completely restored independent breath, do not stop to do artificial breath.

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