Scientists disagreed about tea

Scientists disagreed about teaDoctors in the next remind that from tea can be not only advantage, but also harm. By amount of caffeine it a little than concedes coffee. The cup of tea will remove a headache only if it is caused by low pressure.

And still it is necessary to remember that tea – a powerful diuretic, it not only tones up, but also dehydrates an organism. Therefore in day it is not recommended to drink more than three cups.

It is possible to refer availability of tannin to positive sides of tea in it – the tannin, having knitting and antibacterial effect. Strong tea promotes decrease in processes of rotting. Therefore mouth rinsing by tea right after food is one more way of prevention of tooth diseases.

Recently German cardiologists made unexpected discovery: black tea expands vessels and improves blood circulation, but after milk addition in it this effect vanishes.

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