Stomatologists against fruit juice

Stomatologists against fruit juiceThe British stomatologists argue: consumption of fruit juice in a large number increases risk of damage of tooth enamel at children.

Doctor Katie Harley from English royal surgical college urged administration of school establishments to replace fruit juice with milk or water as a half of children at the age of 5 years have signs of an istoncheniye of enamel. In her opinion, it occurs because juice (especially, a citrus) contains a large amount of acid which at contact to teeth softens enamel that leads to an erosion. In addition, fruit juice contains big concentration of sugar which also destroys tooth enamel.

Now, according to recommendations of the British health service, children should drink daily a juice glass in volume of 150 ml or to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables which contain cellulose. Doctor K.Kharli recommends to offer juice to children in the medical purposes once a week.

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