Whether there can be I a father?

Whether there can be I a father?No, in this article it will be a question not of where it is possible to hand over the test for DNA for paternity definition – in each case it will be always prompted by the lawyer. And here to all potential future fathers who want to participate together with darling in pregnancy planning «on a science», but do not know that for this purpose it is necessary to make, this article very much even is useful.

With what to begin?

If within two Continue reading

Meeting in Virzhiny against investment of germs with the civil rights

Meeting in Virzhiny against investment of germs with the civil rightsWomen in Virginia made a mass protest against the adoption of law allocating a germ with human rights and two other bills, reducing availability of abortions, writes Associated Press.

The silent meeting totaling about one thousand participants, mainly women, passed on February 20 under windows of a building of legislative assembly of staff.

The gathered made a protest against the bill allocating an embryo with the civil rights. With its help Continue reading

The help at poisoning with carbon monoxide

The help at poisoning with carbon monoxideWith arrival of spring the risk of poisoning with carbon monoxide increases (WITH). Many of us go to "render habitable" the dachas which have cooled down after winter, and quite often abuse oven heating and fireplaces. Manifestation of symptoms of poisoning by carbon monoxide depends on its concentration in air and duration of impact on a human body. So, if inhaled air contains 0,08 % WITH, at the person the headache and asthma develops. Continue reading

The commission dealt with medicine problems in Top Ufaley after meeting of doctors

The commission dealt with medicine problems in Top Ufaley after meeting of doctorsThe commission which has arrived in Top Ufaley after meeting who has taken place there of doctors, finished check and on its basis made some decisions, the press service of the governor of Chelyabinsk region writes.

The structure of the working group collected at the initiative of governor Mikhail Yurevich, included representatives of Ministry of Health of Chelyabinsk region, the Head expert department, Management on interaction with territories, Continue reading

When drugs become dangerous

When drugs become dangerousThe first clinical pharmacologist of Russia academician Boris Evgenyevich Votchal spoke: «At a bed of the patient it is necessary to think not that else it is possible to appoint, and about without what it is possible to manage». Well and to us to remember it, buying in a drugstore the next drugs …

Contra-indications are not present?

Often, having bought in a drugstore this or that medicine, we read in the summary such lines: «Contra-indications Continue reading

The alarm protein causing obesity

is found

The alarm protein causing obesityNoggin – the glikozilirovanny protein known still for the effect of suppression of a signaling of BMP at the expense of isolation of a receptor of BMP.

The American scientists from TheUniversityofAlabamaatBirmingham opened new property of this protein. It appeared that there is a mechanism, thanks to which noggin directly induces a differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MOSCOW TIME) in адипоциты (cages of a fatty fabric), regardless Continue reading

Extract of a hydrangea slows down aging

Extract of a hydrangea slows down agingTo such conclusion researchers came from the Harward university in the USA, having studied the biochemical mechanism of effect of vegetative extract raw materials for which is the type of a hydrangea – Dichroa febrifuga widespread in Tibet and Nepal.

In traditional Chinese medicine this extract is known under the name "Chanshan" and is successfully applied to malaria treatment.

Active component of extract of a hydrangea is the substance Continue reading

On March 20 – the International meatless day

On March 20 – the International meatless dayToday, on March 20, the International meatless day is celebrated.

As reports yogajournal.ru, for the first time «vegetarian day» was celebrated in 1985, and by the present moment many countries try to bring feasibly a contribution in its celebration, extending ideas of care of ecology, a healthy lifestyle and vegetarianism – «diets without violence», recommended WHO. Top-level the authorities of tens states urge to sympathize with animals and Continue reading

Competition «The most creative!»

Competition «The most creative!»For participation in competition on the most original avatar will enough leave the comment under this article with already filled avatar and the short explanation to it: as though you called it or that it means etc.

At the end of competition edition of a site will choose «the hot five» the most original, in our opinion, avatars, and all wishing can vote for the most pleasant.

The participant, for whose option will vote the majority of users Continue reading

How to cure cold at the child: useful devices

How to cure cold at the child: useful devicesCold – the most frequent symptom of cold and ORVI at children. It is a problem is serious at least because the congestion of bacteria and their toxins occurs in dangerous proximity from a brain. If cold not to treat, he leads to otitis, antritis, bronchitis, sometimes to pneumonia, and also causes oxygen starvation of a brain. Unfortunately, to get rid of an unpleasant symptom in short terms not always it is possible even to the professional doctor, Continue reading